This was the last General Election Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong would lead the long-reigning PAP into before handing over the reins to his expected successor, Heng Swee Keat, as Singapore's fourth PM.

On the other hand, it was the first time the main opposition WP had its new secretary-general Pritam Singh after the stepping down of Low Thia Khiang from the post two years ago.

Other opposition parties had mostly been decimated after the last GE and were hardly active, including SDP that was demoralised from the defeated in the last by-election.

Should PAP win this GE, which was a likely outcome, it would set a record among countries with universal suffrage as the second-longest unbroken ruling party, at 65 years in power by the end of the parliamentary term in 2024, after Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party that governed the North American country for 71 years from 1929 to 2000.

This marked the first time since the fifties and eighties that the past three GEs were held within the same decade, as they were spaced out by four calendar years.

In 2019, Singapore celebrated 200 years of its founding by Sir Stamford Raffles.

Watch this space.

13th Parliament dissolved:
 -- --- 2019, ---
Nomination day:
 -- --- 2019, ---
Cooling-off day:
 -- --- 2019, ---
Polling day:
 -- --- 2019, ---
Overseas vote-counting:
 -- --- 2019, ---
14th Parliament opening:
 -- --- 2019, ---

Parliament seats:
 --- [OV: -]
Voter turnout:
 --- [OV: -] (-.-%)
Election deposit:

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