In June 1965, less than two months away from Singapore's separation with Malaysia, UPP chief and only Assembly Member Ong Eng Guan resigned his seat and retired from politics. This very last LA election became a straight fight between the two main parties of PAP and BS, with both candidates being former PAP Assembly colleagues. By then, PAP was a nationwide party with a presence in Malaysia despite winning only one out of the 11 seats it contested in the 1964 Federal election. It also formed the Malaysia Solidarity Convention with four opposition parties to fight for a "Malaysian Malaysia", further upsetting the Alliance Party government. PAP won but its candidate Lee Khoon Choy was sworn in only at the first session of the new Parliament convened four months after independence. Singapore's 15 representatives in the Federal Parliament also ceased. Under the directive of Malaysia's societies registrar, PAP Malaysia, with one seat held by sole legislator C. V. Devan Nair, was renamed Democratic Action Party and replaced its lightning symbol with a rocket. A few years later, Nair quit Malaysian politics and returned to Singapore. Today, DAP remains a key opposition political party in Malaysia and Penang. The four Malaysian opposition parties or their incarnations were since co-opted into the Barisan Nasional, the reformed Alliance Party Malaysia.

Writ of election: 23 June 1965 [Wed]
Nomination day: 30 June 1965 [Wed]
Polling day: 10 July 1965 [Sat]
Member swearing-in at 1st Parliament: 8 December 1965 [Wed]

Eligible voters: 11,837
Voter turnout: 10,858 (91.7%)

Election deposit: $500

Hong Lim
Total seats = 1