This was the only Federal GE held during the time Singapore was part of Malaysia. Seats in the House of Representatives (Dewan Rakyat), the lower chamber of Malaysia's Parliament, and 11 state assemblies were up for grabs. Most opposition parties fielded several candidates who contested both, while Alliance and Negara had only one each. Known as "dual candidates", their names are shaded. PAP put up a token slate in 11 federal and 15 state seats, which were mostly urban constituencies with a large ethnic Chinese population and traditional MCA Malaysia turfs. This was to offer itself as an alternative choice for UMNO Malaysia within the ruling Alliance but Malaysia Prime Minister and UMNO chief Tunku Abdul Rahman rebuffed this, declaring that UMNO would stick to its partner. Among PAP's candidates were former Malaysian Trades Union Congress president Tan Chong Bee and Kang Eng Wah who had crossed over from MPSF, former Malaya Federal Legislative Councillor, MTUC secretary-general and Negara member K. V. Thaver, former MCA member Too Chee Cheong and Charlie Leong from the defunct Malayan Party. Singapore's main opposition BS supported fellow left-wing outfit MPSF. Expecting to replicate its success in the Singapore GE of 1963, the outcome instead turned out to be disastrous for PAP, which clinched only one parliamentary seat by C. V. Devan Nair and none among the state seats it contested, with more than half of its 17 candidates forfeiting their deposits. PAP's lone victory was in Selangor, where it fared better compared to other states. Alliance triumphed at the national level and in ten states except Kelantan, which was retained by PMIP. Closely-watched contests were those involving the Tunku, Deputy PM Abdul Razak, party leaders Tan Siew Sin (MCA), V. T. Sambanthan (MIC), Zulkifli Muhammad (PMIP), Tan Chee Khoon (LPM), Ahmad Boestamam (PRM), Lim Chong Eu (UDP), Garieb Raouf (Negara), the Seenivasagam brothers (PPP) and state Menteri Besars and Chief Ministers. Newcomer Alliance candidate from UMNO, Mahathir Mohamad, who was to become Malaysia's longest-serving PM, made his debut while Ibrahim Abdul Rahman of Seberang Tengah, Penang, was the father of Anwar Ibrahim, a man who would one day became DPM and opposition chief in Malaysia. After the polls, the legislatures of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak were allocated 15, 16 and 24 seats respectively in the Dewan Rakyat, as none would be apportioned among the three states until the next Malaysia GE. The additional parliamentarians from Singapore included PM Lee Kuan Yew, DPM Toh Chin Chye, ministers Goh Keng Swee, Ong Pang Boon, S. Rajaratnam, Yong Nyuk Lin, Jek Yeun Thong, Lim Kim San, Othman Wok, PAP Assembly Members Abdul Rahim Ishak, Wee Toon Boon, Ho See Beng (who was replaced by E. W. Barker after six months) and BS AMs Chia Thye Poh, Kow Kee Seng and Lim Huan Boon. Each state also nominated two people, not necessarily state assembly representatives, to the Senate (Dewan Negara), Malaysia's upper house. The PAP government pleased the Tunku by adopting his suggestion to appoint Singapore UMNO leader Ahmad Taff as one of the two Singapore Senators. On 9 May 1965, PAP spearheaded the formation of a Malaysian Solidarity Convention with UDP and PPP to campaign for a "Malaysian Malaysia". MSC was joined by two Sarawak parties, SUPP and Party Machinda, which derived its name by blending Sarawakian ethnic classifications, namely Malay, Chinese, Indian and Dayak. This upset the Alliance government as it was seen to be challenging the special position of ethnic Malays. Recurring racial tensions and PAP's proposal for a looser confederation comprising Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Penang to ease these tensions was decried as seditious and consequently led to Singapore's expulsion from the Federation on 9 August 1965. With PAP Malaya de-registered, Nair, Goh Hock Guan, Tan Chong Bee and Too were among the ten who co-founded Democratic Action Party, along with Rajaratnam's brother S. Seeveratnam, to continue the cause. Noor Jettey stayed on with DAP. Lai Tha Chai and Wong Lin Ken joined Chua Sian Chin to serve as PAP Members of the Singapore Parliament, as did Nair years after he returned to Singapore in 1969. Nair eventually became President of Singapore in 1981. Also settling in Singapore were Thaver and Liang Teck Him, who continued their service to the labour movement under the PAP-affiliated National Trades Union Congress. Goh, who took over Nair as DAP chief, later fell out with the party and joined Lim Chong Eu's Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, while Too returned to and Lam Khuan Kit aligned himself with MCA Malaysia.

Nomination day: 21 March 1964 [Sat]
Polling day: 25 April 1964 [Sat]

Peninsular Electorate: 2,763,077
Walkover voters (Parliament): 42,977 (1.6%)
Eligible voters (Parliament): 2,720,100 (98.4%)
Walkover voters (States): 37,684 (1.4%)
Eligible voters (States): 2,725,393 (98.6%)

Election deposit: RM500 (Parliament seat)
Election deposit: RM250 (State seat)

P001: Perlis Utara P039: Ulu Perak
P079: Kuala Pilah  
P002: Perlis Selatan P040: Krian Laut
P080: Seremban Timor    
KEDAH P041: Krian Darat P081: Rembau-Tampin
P003: Jitra-Padang Terap P042: Larut Utara
P082: Port Dickson  
P004: Kubang Pasu Barat
P043: Larut Selatan  
P083: Jelebu-Jempol
P005: Kota Star Utara P044: Bruas
P084: Seremban Barat  
P006: Alor Star
P045: Sitiawan  
P007: Kuala Kedah  
P046: Sungei Siput  
P085: Malacca Tengah  
P008: Kota Star Selatan  
P047: Kuala Kangsar
P086: Bandar Malacca    
P009: Kedah Tengah  
P048: Parit  
P087: Malacca Utara
P010: Jerai P049: Ulu Kinta P088: Malacca Selatan
P011: Baling
P050: Ipoh  
P012: Sungei Patani
P051: Menglembu  
P089: Muar Dalam
P013: Kulim Utara
P052: Batu Gajah  
P090: Segamat Selatan  
P014: Kulim-Bandar Bahru
P053: Kampar  
P091: Muar Pantai  
KELANTAN P054: Hilir Perak P092: Muar Selatan
P015: Tumpat
P055: Telok Anson  
P093: Batu Pahat
P016: Kelantan Hilir P056: Bagan Datoh P094: Batu Pahat Dalam
P017: Pasir Mas Hilir
P057: Batang Padang    
P095: Kluang Utara    
P018: Kota Bharu Hilir
P058: Tanjong Malim  
P096: Johore Tenggara
P019: Bachok  
P097: Pontian Utara  
P020: Kota Bharu Hulu P059: Raub P098: Pontian Selatan
P021: Pasir Mas Hulu P060: Bentong
P099: Kluang Selatan  
P022: Pasir Puteh  
P061: Kuantan  
P100: Johore Bahru Timor    
P023: Tanah Merah
P062: Pekan  
P101: Johore Bahru Barat    
P024: Ulu Kelantan P063: Temerloh
P102: Johore Timor  
P103: Segamat Utara  
P025: Besut SELANGOR P104: Muar Utara
P026: Kuala Trengganu Utara P065: Kuala Selangor
Contested by PAP
Contested by Malaysian Cabinet Ministers and key Alliance personalities
Contested by key opposition personalities
Contested by DAP in GE 1969
P027: Kuala Trengganu Selatan  
P066: Batu    
P028: Dungun
P067: Kapar  
P029: Kemaman P068: Rawang
P030: Trengganu Tengah
P069: Langat  
P070: Setapak    
P031: Bagan
P071: Bungsar    
P032: Seberang Tengah
P072: Bukit Bintang  
P033: Seberang Selatan
P073: Damansara    
P034: Penang Utara  
P074: Klang  
P035: Penang Selatan P075: Kuala Langat
P036: Tanjong    
P076: Sepang  
P037: Dato Kramat  
P077: Sabak Bernam
P038: Seberang Utara
P078: Ulu Selangor    
Seats: 104

N01: Kaki Bukit
N11: Ladang  
N01: Cameron Highlands
N01: Tanjong Kling  
N02: Paya N12: Bukit Besar N02: Dong
N02: Bukit Rambai  
N03: Mata Ayer N13: Batu Burok N03: Bandar Raub N03: Batu Berendam
N04: Bandar Kangar N14: Marang N04: Tras N04: Semabok
N05: Sena N15: Sura N05: Sabai N05: Kandang
N06: Bintong N16: Ulu Dungun N06: Bandar Bentong
N06: Kota Selatan  
N07: Kurong Anai N17: Paka-Kerteh N07: Benus
N07: Kota Tengah    
N08: Arau N18: Kemaman Utara N08: Mentekab
N08: Kota Barat    
N09: Hutan Aji N19: Chukai N09: Tanah Puteh
N09: Kota Utara  
N10: Kayang N20: Kemaman Selatan N10: Telok Sisek
N10: Kota Timor    
N11: Kuala Perlis  
N21: Kuala Trengganu Tengah N11: Beserah N11: Sungei Bahru
N12: Sanglang N22: Binjai N12: Ulu Kuantan N12: Ramuan China
KEDAH STATE ASSEMBLY N23: Ulu Trengganu Timor N13: Kuala Pahang N13: Masjid Tanah
N24: Ulu Trengganu Barat N14: Pahang Tua N14: Alor Gajah
N01: Jitra PENANG STATE ASSEMBLY N15: Rompin [Pahang] N15: Pulau Sebang
N02: Padang Terap N16: Chenor N16: Batang Malacca
N03: Jerlun-Kodiang N01: Butterworth
N17: Triang  
N17: Rim
N04: Tunjang N02: Bagan Ajam N18: Kuala Semantan N18: Jasin
N05: Langgar-Limbong N03: Permatang Pauh N19: Jenderak N19: Serkam
N06: Pokok Sena
N04: Bukit Mertajam  
N20: Sanggang  
N20: Sungei Rambai
N07: Alor Star Pekan N05: Alma N21: Jelai JOHORE STATE ASSEMBLY
N08: Alor Star Luar N06: Sungei Bakap N22: Kuala Lipis
N09: Langkawi N07: Nibong Tebal N23: Tanjong Besar
N01: Bukit Serampang  
N10: Kota Star Barat
N08: Kelawei  
N24: Jerantut N02: Jorak
N11: Kangkong-Bukit Raya N09: Doby Ghaut SELANGOR STATE ASSEMBLY N03: Labis
N12: Pendang
N10: Tanjong Bungah  
N04: Bekok
N13: Sik-Gurun N11: Ayer Itam N01: Tanjong Karang
N05: Bandar Maharani  
N14: Kota [Kedah]
N12: Jelutong  
N02: Kuala Selangor Pekan N06: Parit Bakar
N15: Sala N13: Glugor
N03: Kepong  
N07: Simpang Kiri
N16: Yen-Merbok N14: Balik Pulau
N04: Penchala    
N08: Parit Jawa
N17: Baling Timor N15: Bayan Lepas N05: Jeram [Selangor]
N09: Broleh  
N18: Baling Barat  
N16: Kota [Penang]    
N06: Sementa  
N10: Bandar Penggaram
N19: Pekan Sungei Patani
N17: Tanjong Tengah  
N07: Serendah N11: Tanjong Sembrong
N20: Sungei Patani Luar
N18: Tanjong Utara  
N08: Kuang N12: Ayer Hitam
N21: Sidam N19: Tanjong Barat N09: Kajang
N13: Gunong Lambak  
N22: Lunas N20: Sungei Pinang N10: Semenyih
N14: Sri Lalang  
N23: Kulim N21: Tanjong Selatan
N11: Ampang  
N15: Kota Tinggi
N24: Bandar Bahru N22: Muda
N12: Sentul    
N16: Johore Lama
N13: Pantai  
N17: Rengit
N24: Tasek Glugor
N14: Salak  
N18: Benut
N15: Bukit Nanas [Selangor]    
N19: Pontian Dalam
N02: Tumpat Tengah N16: Kampong Bharu N20: Pontian Kechil
N03: Tumpat Barat N01: Grik
N17: Serdang  
N21: Rengam  
N04: Kuala Kelantan
N02: Lenggong  
N18: Bukit Raja    
N22: Senai-Kulai  
N05: Kota Bharu Utara N03: Parit Buntar
N19: Port Swettenham  
N23: Plentong  
N06: Kota Bharu Pantai N04: Kuala Kurau
N20: Kampong Jawa  
N24: Tanjong Petri    
N07: Tendong N05: Bagan Serai N21: Telok Datoh
N25: Glang Patah  
N08: Meranti N06: Gunong Semanggol
N22: Morib  
N26: Tampoi    
N09: Bandar Pasir Mas N07: Larut N23: Dengkil N27: Endau
N10: Bandar Hilir N08: Selama N24: Sungei Rawang N28: Mersing
N11: Bandar Hulu N09: Matang N25: Sabak
N29: Batu Anam  
N12: Kota Bharu Tengah  
N10: Taiping N26: Sungei Besar
N30: Bandar Segamat  
N13: Bachok Utara N11: Ayer Tawar
N27: Ulu Bernam  
N31: Tangkak  
N14: Bachok Tengah N12: Pengkalan Bharu
N28: Kuala Kubu  
N32: Serom
N15: Bachok Selatan
N13: Lekir  
Contested by PAP
Contested by Alliance Menteri Besars, Chief Ministers and key personalities
Contested by non-Alliance Menteri Besars and key opposition personalities
Contested by DAP in GE 1969
N16: Kota Bharu Timor
N14: Lumut  
N17: Kota Bharu Barat N15: Karai N01: Sri Menanti
N18: Kota Bharu Selatan N16: Jalong N02: Johol
N19: Lemal N17: Senggang N03: Ulu Muar
N20: Rantau Panjang N18: Padang Rengas
N04: Pilah  
N21: Tok Uban N19: Blanja
N05: Rantau  
N22: Pasir Puteh Utara N20: Kampong Gajah
N06: Sungei Ujong  
N23: Pasir Puteh Tengah N21: Sungei Raia
N07: Rahang  
N24: Pasir Puteh Tenggara N22: Chemor N08: Terentang
N25: Machang Utara
N23: Pekan Lama  
N09: Kota [N. S.]
N26: Tanah Merah Timor N24: Pekan Bharu N10: Tampin
N27: Tanah Merah Barat N25: Pasir Puteh
N11: Gemas  
N28: Machang Selatan
N26: Kuala Pari  
N12: Jimah  
N29: Ulu Kelantan Timor N27: Pusing
N13: Lukut  
N30: Ulu Kelantan Barat
N28: Tanjong Tualang  
N14: Si Rusa  
N29: Gopeng
N15: Pasir Panjang  
N30: Kuala Dipang  
N16: Linggi    
N01: Kuala Besut N31: Sungei Manik
N17: Kuala Klawang  
N02: Kampong Raja N32: Bandar [Perak]
N18: Pertang  
N03: Ulu Besut N33: Pasir Bedamar N19: Bahau
N04: Besut Tengah
N34: Batak Rabit  
N20: Rompin [N. S.]  
N05: Setiu N35: Rungkup N21: Jempol
N06: Batu Rakit N36: Hutan Melintang
N22: Lenggeng  
N07: Kuala Nerus  
N37: Tapah Road  
N23: Labu  
N08: Jeram [Trengganu]
N38: Tapah  
N24: Bukit Nanas [N. S.]  
N09: Langkap N39: Bidor  
N10: Bandar [Trengganu]
N40: Slim  
Seats: 282

Malaysia Elections 1954 - 2018