Barisan Jemaah Islamiah Se-Malaysia
(English: Pan-Malaysian Islamic Front)
Founded: November 1977
When PMIP was part of BN, it expelled Kelantan Menteri Besar Muhamed Nasir from the party but UMNO Malaysia continued to support him for the post, which led to a dispute that saw PMIP expelled from BN. Street protests followed, triggering the Kelantan Emergency in 1977. Muhamed then set up Berjasa with the encouragement of UMNO. Allying with BN, they nearly wiped out PMIP, now known as PAS, from Kelantan in the 1978 Malaysia General Election. Berjasa joined BN later that year but in 1986, withdrew due to the acceptance of Hamim, another PAS splinter formed in 1983, into BN. In 1989, Berjasa came together with PAS, Hamim and Semangat 46 to establish Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (Muslim Unity Movement), reuniting the three once-acrimonious parties, but has not made any headway since. After sitting out two elections, it returned in 2013 but shifted its focus to Kedah without success. On 23 September 2016, Berjasa joined Gagasan Sejahtera (Harmony Concept) formed by PAS and UMNO splinter Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysia National Alliance Party) as the third component. In the 2018 Malaysia polls, some of its candidates contested under the PAS banner while others stood under Berjasa and clashed with PAS.