Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia
(English: Malaysian United Indigenous Party)
Founded: 9 August 2016
Established as a Malay-based political party to rival UMNO by former Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and sacked Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin in a bid to remove the controversial PM Najib Razak, it counts several past UMNO leaders among its ranks, including Mahathir's son and former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz. Barred from using its original choice acronym "Bersatu" as several parties had the word in their names, it received approval to use "PPBM" instead and was sometimes referred to as "Pribumi". On 20 March 2017, PPBM officially became the fourth component party of PH, joining DAP, PKR and Amanah. PH sought to be registered but approval was not given by the authorities due to the alleged improper paperwork by PPBM. Two days before the dissolution of Malaysia's parliament on 7 April 2018, PPBM was suspended until it resolved outstanding issues. Contesting under PKR in that year's General Election, the coalition won and Dr Mahathir became PM again. Within days, Malaysia's societies registrar reversed the politically-motivated decisions made against both PPBM and PH. On 20 July 2018, PM Dr Mahathir announced that PPBM will proceed to officially change its acronym to "Bersatu".