Parti Hizbul Muslimin Malaysia
(English: Malaysia Muslim People's Party)
Founded: 24 March 1983
Set up by former PAS president Asri Muda after his ouster as leader by Yusof Rawa in 1982. Having led the then-PMIP into BN in 1973, he did the same with Hamim in February 1986, which triggered the exit of Berjasa from BN due to an old feud between the two parties when they were different factions within PAS. In 1988, Asri and most Hamim leaders left to join the re-registered UMNO. The remnants reunited with PAS and Berjasa in 1989 to form Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (Muslim Unity Movement) to support UMNO splinter S46. The following year, in the 1990 Malaysia General Election, APU made a clean sweep of all the seats in the Kelantan state although Hamim did not put up candidates. Around that time, the party was embroiled in an internal power tussle and the dissidents left to form Ikatan Masyarakat Islam Malaysia (Malaysia Islamic Community Association). IMIM did not participate in elections until it was converted to Keadilan and PKR years later.