Malayan People's Socialist Front
Founded: 31 August 1957
Dissolved: January 1966
Symbol: Bull, hoe, pen & wheel
A confederation of labour parties across the Peninsular formed Pan-Malayan Labour Party on 26 June 1952 and reconstituted it as a single party on 6 June 1954, naming it LPM. On 11 November 1955, Ahmad Boestamam established PRM. The two parties launched left-wing coalition MPSF on the Merdeka Day in 1957, which was officially registered on 29 July 1958. MPSF fared well in its General Election debut in 1959. Before the 1964 GE, it took in NCP, a Selangor UMNO splinter led by Abdul Aziz Ishak, brother of Singapore Head of State Yusof Ishak and PAP lawmaker Abdul Rahim Ishak. In December 1965, PRM left the alliance and a month later, LPM reverted to its own banner, snuffing out MPSF permanently. In 1968, the moderate LPM wing merged with UDP to form Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia. The radicalised LPM took on Alliance more aggressively until its ban on 6 September 1972. These moderates left Gerakan in 1971 to form Parti Keadilan Masyarakat Malaysia after their party drew closer to Alliance. PRM, renamed PSRM in 1970, reverted to its original name in 1989. Losing all its seats in 1974, PRM never made inroads ever since and most members crossed over to Parti Keadilan Rakyat in 2013. A pro-left group of several former PRM members began grassroots work in 1991 before setting up PSM on 30 April 1998. Denied registration for years, PSM had to contest under Democratic Action Party and PKR for three GEs before being legalised on 19 August 2008. In 2015, PSM and a PRM leader, along with several socialists and left-wing groups, co-founded Gabungan Kiri Malaysia (Malaysian Left Coalition).
Member parties
Partai Ra'ayat Malaya
@ Parti Rakyat Malaysia
(English: Malayan People's Party
@ Malaysian People's Party)
Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia
(English: Malaysian People's Socialist Party)
Labour Party of Malaya National Convention Party
Related organisation
Parti Sosialis Malaysia
(English: Socialist Party of Malaysia)