Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah
(English: United Sabah People's Party)
Founded: 11 March 1994
A small Sabah party founded by Joseph Kurup and dissident members of PBS who were unhappy with the party's departure from BN. Another group also splintered out of PBS to form PDS that was later renamed UPKO. On 10 June 1994, PBRS joined BN as a component party. After the Malaysian General Election 2018 where BN was defeated, PBRS announced it would pull out of the coalition and apply to join the victorious PH coalition. In September that year, Kurup claimed PBRS had never officially left BN and, as it had not been accepted into PH, it would join BN's new shadow cabinet. The party co-founded GBS with Sabah UMNO, PBS and Sabah STAR. However, in December, deputy chief Arthur Kurup announced that PBRS would quit BN when most Sabah UMNO lawmakers resigned from their party.
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1994 - 2015