Parti Bersatu Sabah
(English: United Sabah Party)
Founded: 5 March 1985
Formed by dissidents of BN component party Berjaya due to the ceding of Labuan as a Federal Territory. Under the leadership of Joseph Pairin Kitingan, PBS defeated the dominant Berjaya in the Sabah state election of 1985 and became the only non-BN Sabah government in Malaysia's history to serve an entire term. The results triggered street demonstrations and a snap election was called within a year, which was won with a bigger margin by PBS. In an unexpected twist, it joined BN after the snap polls but its relationship with UMNO was often acrimonious, with the latter supporting its reluctant partner USNO at the 1990 state election. In the Malaysia General Election that year, PBS pulled another surprise by quitting BN during the hustings to align with Gagasan Rakyat (People's Concept) led by S46. Owing to splinters AKAR and SAPP, PBS triumphed narrowly at the 1994 Sabah election but was toppled as the state government when two more groups of dissidents broke away to form PDS and PBRS. The splinters eventually joined Sabah BN. In 2002, PBS rejoined BN, reuniting with its erstwhile colleagues. Following the change in government at the 2018 Malaysia GE, PBS pulled out of BN again for the first time in 16 years to form GBS, an independent coalition, with Sabah STAR and invited Sabah UMNO to join. Later that year, Maximus Ongkili succeeded long-time leader Kitingan to take the helm of PBS.