People's Progressive Party (f.k.a. Perak Progressive Party)
Founded: 11 January 1953
Symbol: Stylised star
Founded by Dr S. Kanapathipillai and brothers S. P. and D. R. Seenivasagam, the latter having left Perak Labour, it was inspired by Singapore's Progressive Party. With a large proportion of members from Malaysia's minority Indian community, it became a natural alternative to MIC. In 1954, PPP joined Alliance as the fourth component but left after a year for not being alloted a seat the Ipoh local election. To expand from a regional to national platform in 1956, it replaced "Perak" with "People's". In 1966, it formed the short-lived United Front with Labour Party of Malaya. Before the 1969 Malaysia General Election, PPP chief D. R. passed away and S. P. took over but his decision to reunite the party with Alliance in 1972 and co-found Barisan Nasional, a coalition formed in the wake the 13 May 1969 racial riots, cost it dearly in the 1974 GE. Gradually, it lost all elected representation. Between 1988 and 1992, PPP was suspended from BN owing to an internal dispute and passed over for three elections spanning 1990 to 1999. Under Dr. M. Kavyeas, it changed its acronym to "MyPPP" in a rebranding effort, which stands for "Peace, Progressive, Prosperity". After the 2018 GE, MyPPP was torn between a faction that wanted to remain within BN and claimed to have expelled Dr. Kayveas as leader, the other by the latter who disputed his ouster as illegal and instigated by UMNO, announced that the party would pull out of BN. Both sides held their own annual general meeting on different days and venues, risking de-registration by Malaysia's societies registrar.
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