United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation
Parti Demokratik Sabah
(English: Sabah Democratic Party)
Founded: March 1994
An earlier version of UPKO with a slightly different name was founded in June 1964 by a merger of UNKO, the very first political party in Sabah led by the state's first Chief Minister Fuad Stephens, and UPMO. On 16 May 1967, this original UPKO quit Sabah Alliance after being left out of the state coalition government by USNO and SCA but on 28 December 1967, dissolved to merge with USNO. In 1976, Stephens, who had become Sabah Governor, returned to politics by joining Berjaya, a splinter of USNO. Nearly 30 years later, two breakaway factions from PBS established PDS and PBRS, with the former led by Bernard Dompok. The defections triggered the collapse of the PBS state government, which had then held a narrow majority. The poor performance of PDS in the Sabah election in 1999 led it to assume the UPKO name but factoring in the Dusun and Murut communities. After the 2018 Malaysia General Election, UPKO was the first Sabah local party to bolt from BN to align with Warisan when the former lost control of the federal government.
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