The first batch of Municipal Commissioners whose term expired were the ones who won third place in the Municipal election earlier in the year. Independent Commissioner Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim (Rochore) was the only retiring incumbent while the other five were seeking a new term, including independent H. A. Jivabhai (City) who was running under PP. Four of them returned to their turfs while S. A. Al-junied (East) shifted to the Rochore ward. His replacement from PP was Amy Laycock, daughter and employee of lawyer John Laycock. Overall, both PP and LP fielded full slates of six each. LP called for the end of PP's monopoly. In the end, PP won only half of the seats it contested. However, both its women candidates and the only two women in this election won the biggest margins.

Nomination day: 7 November 1949 [Mon]
Polling day: 3 December 1949 [Sat]

Registered voters: 13,143
Voter turnout: 7,943 (60.4%)

Election deposit: $250

City East North Rochore South West

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