Democratic Progressive Party
Parti Demokratik Progresif
Singapore United Front
Barisan Bersatu Singapura
Previous name: United Front
Registered: 16 March 1973
Symbol: Sun ● Hoe, pen & circle
Started as UF by a splinter group of ex-WP leaders, it changed its name change to SUF on 5 March 1982, at its 9th anniversary, to avoid confusion with UPF. In early 1988, most of its members rejoined their former party. Widely thought to have been dissolved, it was actually kept as a shell. In 1992, the few who concealed their dual membership left WP again, revived the it and quietly renamed it DPP, claiming it to be a newly-registered party. A father-and-son pair contested the 1997 and 2001 General Elections. Both were expelled in 2002 for defying party decision not to contest. After more than ten years of relative inactivity, it was revived by several ex-SPP members in 2013.