Kesatuan Melayu
(English: Malay Union)
மலாய் ஐக்கியம்
Founded: 14 May 1926
Dissolved: 1961 (?)
Founded by Mohamed Eunos Abdullah as Singapore's first Malay political party, it was later instrumental in forming UMNO although it opposed the idea of a Singapore UMNO in 1950, which its leaders eventually trickled to over the years. In 1954, KM became one of the three components in the LF alliance. When LF decided to merge into one party, it pulled out and joined UMNO and MCA in a coalition. In 1957, KM split with its partners for reneging on an agreement not to field a candidate in that year's by-election. After a failed alliance negotiation with PMIP and PR, KM went on its own in the 1959 General Election. Making no headway, it soon fell into comatose. When the new Societies Ordinance came into effect on 16 May 1960 mandating that all parties re-register, KM did not do so and ceased to exist.
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1955 - 1957
General Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won % Year Seats Cand Won %
1955 (LF-Alliance coalition) 25 1 1 50.6 1959 (KM) 51 3 0 8.4
By-Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won %
1957 1 1 0 16.9