Liberal Socialist Party
Parti Liberal Sosialis
தாராண்மை சமூகவுடைமைக் கட்சி
Founded: 5 February 1956
Registered: 24 May 1961
Dissolved: 10 September 1963
Symbol: Torch & hand
A merger of PP with many lawyers and DP with many wealthy businessmen to consolidate the elite's position after a poor showing in the 1955 General Election. Initially, it was meant to be named "United Liberal Party" before settling on LSP. Despite becoming the largest and most resourceful party, its political fortunes remained dull. In 1958, several members left to establish SPA along with former members of LF and WP. Both LSP and SPA fared badly in the 1959 polls, which PAP won by a landslide. Before the 1963 GE, LSP was dissolved by its remnant members led by Mrs Felice Leon-Soh. Some of them stood as independent candidates in that GE without success.
General Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won %
1959 51 32 0 13.2
By-Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won % Year Seats Cand Won %
1957 2 2 1 28.7 Jul 1961 1 1 0 1.3
Local Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won %
1957 32 32 7 34.8