Partai Rakyat, Singapore State Division
(English: People's Party) 
人民党 (新加坡州部)
Founded: 11 November 1955
Registered: 18 June 1962
Symbol: Bull
The Singapore extension of Partai Ra'ayat Malaya, which also had an offshoot in Brunei that was eventually outlawed. Despite joining forces with the main opposition Barisan in the 1963 General Election, PR failed to clinch any seats like its ally. On 3 March 1967, it announced that it would not comply with the new law for societies, passed in December 1966, to rename itself and cut ties with its Malaysian counterpart. In 1968, it supported the elections boycott and maintained this position although Barisan return to the polls in 1972. Shortly after, it became defunct. Meanwhile, PRM continues to operate in the Peninsular as a small player as most of its members had crossed over to another Malaysian opposition party in 2003.
General Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won % Year Seats Cand Won %
1959 51 4 0 4.1 1963 51 3 0 20.2