Socialist Front, The
Barisan Sosialis
சமூகவுடைமை முன்னணி
Registered: 1 September 2010
Symbol: 5-point star
Set up by former RP chairman Ng Teck Siong and WP candidate Chia Ti Lik, it bears no relation to Barisan albeit having the English translation of the once-strong opposition party's name. Before the 2011 General Election, it was divided on whether to field candidates, causing its leaders to fall out. Ng resigned and cobbled an independent team that did not qualify to run due to incomplete papers. After years of inactivity, Ng appeared to be back in SF when he showed up alongside Chia in 2015 to confirm their party's non-participation in the GE that year. However, Ng campaigned for Han Hui Hui, an independent candidate who contested against RP, his former party.