United People's Party
Parti Ra'ayat Bersatu
Registered: 14 July 1961
Symbol: Key
Established by independent Assembly Member Ong Eng Guan on 18 June 1961. Ong, a former Cabinet Minister, rebelled against and was expelled from PAP. Initially, it used a symbol that comprised three interlocking rings. When registering it for use in June 1963 for the year's General Election, it was rejected by the societies registrar for being identical to the symbols of several state institutions. The key symbol Ong used in the 1961 by-election was chosen instead. After a disastrous showing in the 1963 GE, Ong resigned the party's only seat and retired from politics. After that, its remaining members faded away or crossed over to Barisan or WP and the party became defunct.
Other symbols
1961 - 1963
General Elections record
Year Seats Cand Won %
1963 51 42 1 9.4